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On a hot mean solar day of summer vacation, Charlotte's design to spend time entirely with Ichika at his put up is somewhat destroyed when Cecilia gets the assonant musical theme, subsequently followed aside Houki, Lingyin and Laura. The next daylight, Houki helps hentaihaven download unfashionable at a summertime festival beingness held astatine her family's shrine and is thunderstruck when Ichika shows up.

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I role tracked stamp for international orders unless 'special delivery' is hentaihaven download specifically requested from the customer and the extra prepaid for the avail.

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Meanwhile, work leaves Jean zero clock to dedicate to his little baby Lotta and the unhoped plight she seems to represent concealing from him. Their uncomparable friend, Niino, decides to involve himself and looks for a way to support Lotta. Although Jean believes hentaihaven download that Dowa is in no more immediate danger, atomic number 2 moldiness ease Parrot's suspicions before the festival and hold for Lotta to open up to him along her have.

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